Indian Bangla Movies

  • 1:46:45 Popular Royal Bengal Rahasya (2011)

    Royal Bengal Rahasya (2011)

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    Royal Bengal Rahasya(2011) Feluda and his gang gets invited to North Bengal by a wealthy Zamindar to solve a piece of a puzzle supposedly leading to buried "treasure", but things take a turn for the unexpected with a...See full summary» Director:

  • 1:41:30 Popular Gosain Baganer Bhoot (2011)

    Gosain Baganer Bhoot (2011)

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    Gosain Baganer Bhoot(2011) A young boy meets a friendly ghost and the impossible became a reality. Based on a story by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay. Director: Nitish Roy Writers: Debaditya Dutta(dialogue),Debaditya Dutta(script)|2 more credits» Stars

  • 2:16:41 Chalo Paltai (2011)

    Chalo Paltai (2011)

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    Chalo Paltai(2011) Subhamoy is a widower and he has two children Munni and Gaurav who is an extremely talented cricketer, but extremely dull when it comes to studies. He is father's ultimate dream is to see ...See full summary» Director: Haranath

  • 2:19:40 Popular Baishe Srabon (2011)

    Baishe Srabon (2011)

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    Baishe Srabon(2011) An ex-cop is hired to track down a serial killer who carries out his killings according to Bengali poetry. Director: Srijit Mukherji Writers: Annapurna Basu(subtitles),Goutam Ghose(poetry)|3 more credits» Stars: Prasenjit Cha

  • 1:53:13 Aborto (2013)

    Aborto (2013)

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    Aborto(2013) Aborto is a film which talks about the relentless pursuit of prominence in professional career, and the resulting alienation from loved ones in terms of sensitivity, feeling and emotion. ...See full summary» Director: Arindam Sil Wri

  • 2:30:37 Popular Yoddha The Warrior (2014)

    Yoddha The Warrior (2014)

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    Yoddha The Warrior(2014) Yoddha The Warrior is a Bengali action historical-romance movie of 2014. The film is a remake of 2009 Telugu blockbuster movie Magadheera featuring Ram Charan Teja and Kajal Agarwal. The ...See full summary» Director: Raj

  • 2:03:11 Popular Honeymoon (2018)

    Honeymoon (2018)

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    Honeymoon(2018) A young couple goes on a late honeymoon trip where hilarious things happens. Director: Premendu Bikash Chaki(as Premendra Bikash Chaki) Stars: Soham Chakraborty,Subhasree Ganguly,Ranjit Mallick

  • 1:57:25 Ami Vs Tumi (2018)

    Ami Vs Tumi (2018)

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    Ami Vs Tumi(2018) Add a Plot» Director: Mainak Bhaumik Stars: Biswanath,Rahul,Priyanka Sarkar

  • 2:37:33 Popular Khokababu (2012)

    Khokababu (2012)

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    Khokababu(2012) Super hit bengali movie. Both Romantic and comedy Director: Shankaraiya(as Shankar Aiyya) Writer: Shayak Ganguly Stars: Ferdous Ahmed,Biswajit Chakraborty,Biplab Chatterjee|See full cast & crew»

  • 2:03:40 8:08 Er Bongaon Local (2012)

    8:08 Er Bongaon Local (2012)

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    8:08 Er Bongaon Local(2012) Ananta Das is a normal middle class man like any other common man. Everyday he avails the 8:08 A.M Bongaon Local to Kolkata to attain his office. Some known and unknown common people are ...See full summary» Director: D

  • 2:09:02 Popular Villain (2018)

    Villain (2018)

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    Villain(2018) "Villain"narrates the story of Raja, the protagonist, whose life takes an unknown turn when he meets his lookalike Joy, that leads to a series of incidents that follow due to the exchanged identities. Stars: Arrayan,Mimi Chakraborty,Raja D

  • 1:20:26 Hemlock Society (2012)

    Hemlock Society (2012)

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    Hemlock Society(2012) The plot revolves around a man who runs a school called "Hemlock Society" which teaches aspirants how to successfully commit suicide. He develops a bond with one of its students, Meghna (...See full summary» Director: Srijit

  • 1:49:07 Golpo Holeo Shotti (2014)

    Golpo Holeo Shotti (2014)

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    Golpo Holeo Shotti(2014) The film is about Rudra (Soham), a pizza delivery boy and a ghost novel writer Anuradha (Mimi). The film starts with their love story. The lovebirds are in a live-in relationship. The film ...See full summary» Director: Bi

  • 2:16:53 Ghare & Baire (2018)

    Ghare & Baire (2018)

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    Ghare & Baire(2018) Amit, a Bangla band musician, halts his bohemian dreams of making music in Kolkata, to exile himself to corporate slavery in Mumbai hoping to one day declare his feelings for his best friend Labonya. Director: Mainak Bhaumik Sta

  • 2:14:00 Chayamoy (2013)

    Chayamoy (2013)

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    Chayamoy(2013) Indra Pratap a heir of a kingdom called Raidighi,comes to India for the first time to find the hidden treasure of his ancestors. Director: Haranath Chakraborty Writers: Manotosh Chakraborty(screenplay),Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay(novel) Star

  • 1:45:03 Biye Notout (2014)

    Biye Notout (2014)

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    Biye Notout(2014) A girl is always punctual,disciplined. Her husband love her but the fact is he is not a disciplined and totally reverse with her wife. Directors: Abhijit Guha,Sudeshna Roy Writers: Padmanabha Dasgupta,Abhijit Guha(story)|1 more credit

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