English Movies for the Year of 2020

  • 1:23:53 The Lead (2020)

    The Lead (2020)

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    The Lead (2020)

  • 32:11 Edgar Allen Poe's Ligeia (2020)

    Edgar Allen Poe's Ligeia (2020)

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    Edgar Allen Poe's Ligeia(2020) Based upon the short story by Edgar Allen Poe. Director: Griffith Mehaffey Writers: Griffith Mehaffey(screenwriter),Edgar Allan Poe(original work) (as Edgar Allen Poe) Stars: Ryan Anthony Williams,Kelsey White,Christina

  • 1:26:33 Killer Camera Monsters (2020)

    Killer Camera Monsters (2020)

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    Killer Camera Monsters(2020) A struggling photographer gets more than he bargained for, discovering the truth of what his new camera is really capable of. Director: Ryan McBay Writer: Ryan McBay Stars: Sarati,Lauren Compton,Bernadette Perez|See full c

  • 1:37:28 Popular Bulletproof 2 (2020)

    Bulletproof 2 (2020)

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    Bulletproof 2(2020) Set 25 years after the events of the original Bulletproof, the movie recasts Wayans and Sandler's characters with Faizon Love (Friday) and Kirk Fox (Parks and Recreation). In the sequel, Jack (Faizon Love) is now working as a Special A

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