English Movies for the Year of 2016

  • 1:55:55 Popular Beiimaan Love (2016)

    Beiimaan Love (2016)

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    Beiimaan Love(2016) A young and ambitious woman's life suddenly comes crashing down when she is betrayed in love. Determined to get revenge she reinvents herself as a successful businesswoman. Director: Rajeev Chaudhari Writers: Rajeev Chaudhari,Vibhan

  • 1:40:06 Popular What Men Want (2019)

    What Men Want (2019)

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    What Men Want(2019) A woman is boxed out by the male sports agents in her profession, but gains an unexpected edge over them when she develops the ability to hear men's thoughts. Director: Adam Shankman Writers: Tina Gordon(screenplay by) (as Tina Gordon

  • 1:56:27 Central Intelligence (2016)

    Central Intelligence (2016)

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    Central Intelligence(2016) After he reconnects with an awkward pal from high school through Facebook, a mild-mannered accountant is lured into the world of international espionage. Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber Writers: Ike Barinholtz(screenplay),D

  • 1:39:58 A Dark Song (2016)

    A Dark Song (2016)

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    A Dark Song(2016) A determined young woman and a damaged occultist risk their lives and souls to perform a dangerous ritual that will grant them what they want. Director: Liam Gavin Writer: Liam Gavin Stars: Steve Oram,Catherine Walker,Susan Loughnane

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